S.M.A.R.T. Goal

My S.M.A.R.T. Goal is to graduate high school and to attend Allan Hancock.  Once there, I would complete my general education and take multiple courses in film.  After two years, I will transfer over to CSU Northridge.  Because all my general education is completed, I would be able to take all film related courses and classes.  Another two years later, I will have graduated and be well on my way to starting my own production studio.

The steps I intend to take to become a better filmmaker:
1)  Participate in any/all film contests
2)  Participate in Righetti/Hancock film fests
3)  Make a rather successful short film
4)  Better equipment

Steps Completed:
1)  Participated in Righetti Film Fest (2 Times)
2)  Participated in Wired Weekend Film Contest
3)  Participated in Directing Change Film Contest
4)  Participated in Water Wise Film Contest
5)  Creating(ed) a weekly weather forecast for RHS TV
6)  Continue to make as much videos as I can to gain experience in video creation

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